Lone Fighter (Unity C#)

2016 - Present

Lone Fighter is a space shooter where the player tries to destroy as many alien ships as possible before running out of lives.​ I made the base of the game in one week as a coding exercise.

Since then I've decided to continuously build upon it with the latest version publicly released in March 2018.

The game can be downloaded here: Lone Fighter

This game features:

  • Respawning Random Enemies

  • Saved Highscores

  • Scrolling Backgrounds

  • UI Interface with resettable statistics page

Latest public release patch notes for Version 0.45:

  • Added Story Mode Button and menu (currently doesn't do anything)

  •  Renamed currently available game mode as 'Arcade Mode'

  •  Redesigned the Stats screen:

  •  Amount of shots fired is now displayed in the Stats section

  •  Amount of hits is now displayed in the Stats section

  •  Ratio of Shots fired to Hits is now displayed in the Stats Section

  •  Code changes to Stats generation

  •  Larger Asteroids can appear in Arcade Mode

  •  Resized original Asteroids

  •  Resized small Alien Ships and Elite Ships

  •  Increased variation of enemy ship/Asteroid spawning

  •  Modified Alien Spawning and player movement to within Camera on all screen resolutions

  •  Controls menu now appears correctly

  •  Small Alien Ships no longer spin uncontrollable once hit

  •  Edited Player Ship hit box

  •  Corrected small Alien Ship laser instantiate point

  •  Fixed bug that was preventing Stats from saving if Score was equal to HighScore.

For up to date information about the games development please follow the link.

*Please note, I am a terrible artist

Player Damage Code Example