Dawn of War: Dark Crusade / Soulstorm

(Mission Editor)

2008- Present

I first started designing maps for Dawn of War Dark Crusade back in early 2008. I've made many over the years since the Mod Tools for the game have been released.

Up above you'll find images of the various maps I've created since 2016.

I have been astounded by the success of these maps. Currently I have over 12,500 combined downloads. My most popular map is titled Victoria and currently has over 1800 unique downloads. To help players I have also combined map files into 'map packs' as well as implementing various changes based on feedback. These releases have resulted in a tremendous increase in downloads.

My maps can be found on ModDB. Or on Nexusmods.

Skyrim Workshop

(Creation Kit)


I began my modding hobby in Skyrim back in 2014. I have worked on a few projects which I have released to the wider public. I am currently attempting to create my first story mod.

My public projects currently have over 5,500 downloads shared between the Nexus Mods site and the Steam Workshop.

Links to these mods can be found here: Nexusmods.com