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Mod Highlight:

Dawn of War: Dark Crusade / Soulstorm

(Mission Editor)

2008- Present

My most popular map/mod to date is Victoria released in July 2016. It features key chokepoints and a variety of choices for 8 players to wage war against each other. With fighting lanes for small scale infantry skirmishes to full blown Titan battles* Victoria is the most popular multiplayer map for the Dawn of War 1 community on ModDB with over 1600 unique downloads. A link to download it can be found below.

*Titans are only available in 3rd party mods and are not part of the base game. I've accommodated for everyone though!

Other Work:

Skyrim Workshop

(Creation Kit)


I have worked on numerous mods for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, with over 5,500 downloads combined. It was using these tools that I started wanting to become a game designer.

Links to these mods can be found here: Nexusmods.com

Dawn of War: Dark Crusade / Soulstorm

(Mission Editor)

2008- Present

I first started designing maps for Dawn of War Dark Crusade back in early 2008. I've made many over the years since the Mod Tools for the game have been released.


Up above you'll find images of the various maps I've created since 2016.

I have been astounded by the success of these maps. Currently I have over 9000 combined downloads. My most popular map is titled Victoria and currently has over 1600 unique downloads. To improve customer interactions I also packaged my maps into 'map packs', this resulted in a tremendous increase in downloads.

Four Player:


Centius Prime

Six Players:



Victoria: Towards the Cathedral