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2018 Wildly Ambitious Road Map

I've never really released a roadmap for any of my projects publicly. As of now though, here’s what I want to do. Yes, I know it's already a quarter of the way through the year...


Since the last site update I've released 3 new DOW multiplayer maps. These are part of a collection inspired by the settings lore, focusing on the Horus Heresy, a massive galactic civil war which laid the foundations for the Warhammer 40k we know of today. Here’s a couple of images for the maps released so far:

So far I'm pretty happy with their reception. I've found this task a lot of harder than I originally intended as I'm trying to be lore friendly with a limited tool box. I plan to do one final map for the collection and release them as a second map pack. I've noticed that players like bigger player count maps, so I'm not going to be doing any 1v1 maps this time around.

I also hid an Easter egg/story reference on each map. Nobody has mentioned if they've found them yet.

After this is released, I plan to take a break from Dawn of War for awhile. I'll probably come back to it. I always do, but I want to focus on other things for a change. As for future maps, I've been playing a lot of Total War lately...


Believe it or not I still actually mod Skyrim from time to time even though I haven't released anything new on that front in over 2 years. I currently have a small mod in the works which adds a new dungeon and quest to the game. It features bears and some Dwemer robots. Here's a couple of screenshots:

I'd like to release this by the end of the year. No promises it'll ever leave my hard drive though. Theres also a Lord of the Rings Easter Egg. I like Easter Eggs.

Lone Fighter:

Here is where I would like to devote most of my time this year. I'm proud of what I've accomplished with Lone Fighter. Like I started this project with zero coding experience. And now I have 6 unique downloads...

What I aim for this year is probably way too complicated for me.

For starters I'm just going to expand on the current mode which I'm renaming Arcade Mode in the next release. I'm going to add Stats for Accuracy and types of enemies killed.

So, for instance, you'll be able to track how many 'normal' aliens you've killed, how many 'elites' and how many 'bosses'.

One day I'd like to tie that to achievements and ship customisation. All in good time though.

Now apart from Arcade Mode, I've been wanting to add a Campaign. Not a highly technical campaign with voice over, rather a short series of missions with unique boss fights.

A basic plot summary is aptly the games title: you're a lone fighter after a battle and you're trying to get home. I don't have any further details to share at the moment, maybe I'll do a future blog on it?

That's all for now.

Have a good one.


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