• Dan

2020, the Botanical Garden and a quick update.

Hello everyone, it's certainly been awhile since I last made a blog post. I hope you all are well in this difficult time. This blog is just a quick update on things my end and what my plans are.

Dawn of War/Maps:

During the lockdown I've decided to make a new map, it will be a 4v4 (or 2v2v2v2) set in a corrupted Swamp. I'm hoping for a release date sometime this week or next. Keep an eye out on my Maps & Mods page for more information. Its name currently is the 'The Botanical Garden'.

On another note, I am absolutely blown away by how popular my maps are, with this game originally coming out in 2004, I thought even a couple hundred downloads would be pushing the boat, but to be currently on over 11,000, that astounds me. Thank you everyone, I hope you are enjoying my work.

Lone Fighter:

Work continues on it slowly but surely. I need to update the page on here to reflect the current patch version. The next patch will hopefully include some artwork changes. I have the basic story beats planned out and I'm trying to establish what I need content wise and how I can implement story.


I am currently asking around if any tutorials are needed for map making in Dawn of War. If anything is needed, I will make a blog post.


I have recently updated my website. I am using Wix and they have redesigned their blog section and other features. Apologies if there are any pages which look out of place or have errors.

Fingers crossed this year is more productive than the last couple, but we all know how life goes and unfortunately, I don't have deadlines.